Lifestyle Newborn Photography

If you are looking to have a newborn photoshoot in the comfort of your own home then my newborn lifestyle session is the perfect answer. Lifestyle photography allows me to capture unscripted and tender moments between your new family. Images can feel more personal when you are in your own surroundings. If you have older children or pets who want to get in the picture this is a great opportunity for more candid images

Where will this session take place?

These sessions takes place in the client’s home, preferably in the nursery, master bedroom, and living room. Do not worry about your house being a mess—you just had a baby! All you need to do to prepare is open the blinds/curtains to let in as much light as possible. I’ll quickly push things out of the area I’m shooting in if need be. The only thing I will ask you to do is have your bed made with a neutral bedding as your bed makes for a great place for cuddly family photos

What age should my baby be?

As lifestyle photography doesn’t require any complicated posing of your baby then the age limit is much more relaxed for this session. Typically your baby will be between 7 – 21 days old but I’m always happy to relax this age range where needed

What do I need to do to prepare?

If possible please try to be feeding your baby for my arrival. Once baby has been fed and settled we will start with the shoot, and hopefully your baby will be nice and sleepy and content. Try to relax and enjoy the session – parents tend to be nervous because this is a new experience and because they want things to be ‘perfect’. I will take your baby’s lead and allow them to be the focus of the shoot. If your baby cries, poo’s or needs a top up of milk during the session then that’s absolutely fine. Just focus on relaxing and I will create images that you will cherish forever

Will you use props in this session?

Lifestyle photography is all about keeping it simple and focusing on capturing your new family as natural as possible. For this reason I leave my props at home – it’s just you, me and my camera! This doesn’t mean that I won’t take individual photographs of the baby and capture some great shots for you. Feel free to incorporate any special family heirlooms or baby blankets that you would like to use in the photos

What should our baby wear?

I prefer babies dressed very simply in plain baby-grows or muslin swaddles. If you have any outfits that you particularly want your baby photographed in then feel free to include these too as I’m happy to incorporate a few outfit changes

What should we wear?

I recommend keeping it simple and comfortable. Neutral clothing (black, cream, white, grey or pastel colours) work best as they don’t take away from the natural beauty of your baby. Stay away from prominent logos or writing on clothing

How long does the session last?

Newborn’s can be unpredictable and for that reason I don’t put a time limit on these sessions. However they typically last between 1.5 – 2 hours

How much is this session?

The fee for this session is £180 (travel fee’s may apply if you are outside a 10 mile radius of Chelmsford). This includes the session itself, plus the best images (approx. 25) professionally edited. You will receive the digital images via a USB approx. 14 days after your session

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